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Brandguard Vents® protect your home from fire by blocking embers with a patented technology. Our ember defense vents prevent embers from getting inside your home before the flames reach it

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"Vents have two essential roles. They enable air flow to lower the temperature in your attic and release moisture that can cause damage over time. Embers can get through vents in the foundation, roof, or attic. When they do, they can set fire to things inside the house. The Fire-proofing vents prevent embers from getting into the attic and make your home more secure."

The US spends at least $2 billion annually on fire suppression. Firefighters have worked hard and courageously, but the situation on our lands, along with the huge growth of homes and communities in wildfire-prone areas, make fire suppression more and more impossible.
Almost 45 million homes are in the wildland/urban interface (WUI) today. Some of the most destructive fires happen in the WUI every year. Wildfire has caused more than 163 percent more structure loss in the last 10 years. The country's wildfire risk area is as big as Texas. It is vital to make structures more fire-resistant to avoid losing property and lives.

All Brandguard Vents meet the WUI code standards.
The California Building Code's chapter 7A mandates that ember and fire resistant vents must be installed in new homes built in the WUI (Wildland-Urban Interface). The WUI is where homes are near natural areas that are not inhabited, like forests.

Brandguard Vents™ prevent flame and embers from entering your attic via the building's vents, making your home safer from harmful flying embers caused by wildfires.

Regular Vents have no defense against flying embers and fire.

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